A DTC Observation

i remember in the heyday of this blog we’d split who’d sass the anons and it would always be like

God bless this blog.


Till date, I have never understood the appeal of Eli and Clare. If anything, they tried too hard to make Eli the 'brooding cool dude' and idk man, they just don't click.

Yeah I mean the entire couple was just a stand in for the ‘boring girl dates edgy guy’ from the start and it took people years to realize that lmao bye

I'm an Eclare fun, but this blog never fails to make me piss myself laughing. And it's extremely accurate. :)


i love you so fucking much your posts are what gets me through the day please don't ever stop posting especially about the bs we know is going to occur this season ilysm


oh man your blog is amazing

Thank you

I just wanted to say, I really enjoy the blog. As an Eclare shipper they get WAAAY too much attention while every other couples are never developed past one date.


OMG im a hard core Eclare shipper and and a little too obsessed with eli but OMG This blog is PERFECT legit i think ive seen every post lol just never stop , ive been laughing for like the past hour omg

Haha thank you

Between Clare having cancer and Adam’s car crash dilemma





Eli’s stress level will just….peeewwwww *boom crash*

like wow

bc eli is the important part of this plot right?? adam isn’t dying or anything??

You can still focus on the way other characters will deal with things ?????

"you can still focus on eli even though he’s supposed to be off the show!!" says tumblr user myeclareheartwilllast

lol you should've tagged the degrassiexperience in that post

why? their vlogs are 100% insightful and not at all eclare biased in the slightest! they completely deserve to be 2 of the 40 fans who go! it’s not like they’ve met the cast before or anything!